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Snow Basilisk


TC’s Fire Support Boat






18,200 Kg.


Width: 4 m.
Length: 12 m.


The tribes of the Confederacy have constantly been waging guerilla warfare against one another since they took to the skies. And they mostly did so, using small boats similar to the Snow Basilisk airframe. The origin of the Snow Basilisk’s frame has been lost to the chaos of the unification or maybe even earlier. As the chiefs managed to agree to share their shipwright resources, the airframe became one of the first entries in the 1st edition Official Confederacy Navy blueprint ever sent to the printing house. And on such an occasion, it inherited the name of the most common wildlife that roams the Silver Ring. Grey Belter families often make their home inside one of these ships, children would grow up in its cramped, crowded, lower deck and join the crew as soon as they become a toddler. During the war, these small boats would be asked to travel along with the expeditionary force to aid in battles by gunning enemies from the sideline and collecting battle spoils as their rewards. As the war stalls, many families and Snow Basilisks were left stranded all over Azure, and Viridian Rings, their host, forced to adapt to new ways of life wherever they found themselves.

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