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Slip Falcon


AK Skirmish Boat






19,500 Kg.


Width: 6 m.
Length: 12 m.


The smallest standardized airframe designed for the Aecerlian Navy by the Royal Naval Architect. The development of such a new airframe was in response to the cost and difficulty of deploying and maintaining large warships on distant battlefields.
One of the novelties introduced by the Aetherfalcon is that all parts, except for the fuselage frame, are easily made and replaceable using local material anywhere. The design is quite controversial among the Aecerlian aristocrats due to the fact that it forgoes the traditional use of mana-grown wood as a mainmast and a keel. It was introduced during the later year of the war as the ARN’s smallest combat-capable frame able to operate independently.
The Aetherfalcon would usually be manufactured at ARN’s official shipyards in pieces and freight-shipped along with their freshly trained conscripts to the field to be assembled at local facilities. Fresh components would often be made from mana-enriched material then replaced by whatever material available locally as time goes. In recent years, the Aecerlian has found some commercial successes in manufacturing and selling non-combat versions of the Aetherfalcon frames along with readily and cheap replaceable parts.

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