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Valle Pony


High Speed Freighter






23,400 Kg.


Width: 6 m.
Length: 12 m.


Every young and aspiring greenbelters romanticizes their tales across the sky and picks the life of a skyfarer, daydreaming and thinking about future wealth. But most rarely spend time contemplating what kind of ship they would be faring in. For none could be a better choice than the Valle Pony. Designed with efficiency and speed in mind, this airframe of Venetian origin takes advantage of the wind and mana current like non-others.
If you found yourself wanting to move a shipment from one place to another, the fastest way possible, a Viridian Ringer merchant with a Valle Pony would always deliver. Only a few shipyards in the Green Belt have a hold of the airframe’s blueprint, but they do produce this popular frame en-mass to cover the demand. Each manufacturer would add a little bit of a unique touch to their Valle Pony, but this would usually not affect the overall performance.
During the war, many greenbelters found themselves hauling everything everywhere across Europa as they helped supply the war effort spearheaded by the Republic Navy. A large quantity, however, were ambushed and captured by enemies in unfamiliar territories. After the ceasefire, most Valle Pony found themselves serving merchants turned smugglers.

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