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Obsidian Lindwyrm


Teutonic Confederation's Design Destroyer






114,000 Kg.


Width: 16 m.
Length: 22 m.


Wyrm-class corvette was one of the oldest design originated from the Silver Ring. Its distinct ‘tortoise-like’ design offers simple yet compact and effective protection from the elements. Originally designed for general purpose, Stone Wyrm-class has no prominent features and could be fitted for any situation. Over the years, many changes and improvements were incorporated to its original design, creating variations and offshoot designs for other specific purpose.
As conflicts between factions and nations continued to rise, so did the demand for more warship. Himmelhart Clan, a clan of great inventors and one of the confederation founding members, refitted Stone Wyrm-class corvette into a more combat-focused ‘Obsidian Lindwyrm-class’ corvette by sacrificing cargo capacity for more weapon ports and armor bulkhead.
With its cheap but practical design, Obsidian Lindwyrm-class became popular across the Silver Ring during the war and thereafter. While it has trouble going on a long journey with its limited cargo space, the Obsidian Lindwyrm-classes excel in fast and hard hitting operations. Although it can handle weapon systems bigger than those designed for the Corvette class, it may have performance problem due to low space for armory to support large weapons.

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