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River Mare


New Viridian Republic Fleet Escort Destroyer






x Kg.


Width: 8.4 m.
Length: 31 m.


During the early reunification years, the demands for a manacraft that could serve as an exploration ship was rising as more and more uninhabited islands were being discovered. While many nations were competing for a large sky-faring craft, capable of long distance travels for trades and warfare, the Viridian Kingdom felt that their vast region had yet to be properly explored and utilized.
To this end, the crown commissioned a small corvette design. A nimble and robust ship that could survey the coastline and winding fissure of the Viridian Ring. It should be able to carry many cargo in one trip to also serve as a trading ship. The result was the River Mare-class Corvette. Cheap, small, nimble ship but lacks open ports for weaponry. Named after a landed fauna found in the Viridian Ring, the River Mare became a popular design across the nations.
During the Great Sky War, the River Mare became one of the essential designs in the NVR arsenal. Due to its cargo space and defensive capability, it can be used as a supply runner or land troop transporter. Many River Mare-class were also refitted into more combat focused River Mare II-class with more weapon ports but less cargo spaces. But the original design of the River Mare still remains in service both in the navy and privately owned.

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