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We are a bunch of game industry veterans with decades of experience who’ve come together to create our first ever franchise. We’ve set out to create games and content that has a potential to represent the imagination and dreams of not just us, but our entire community.


3D Environment Artist (Contract)


As an Environment Artist you will be responsible for modeling and texturing stylized 3D environment assets as well as helping to set, decorate and build out exciting locations. If you want to bring the new world of an upcoming game to life, apply and become a part of the challenge!

Business Administration

Full Time

We are looking for a self-motivated business administrator with strong attention to detail and a thorough understanding of business operations to facilitate and optimize our business processes. The business administrator’s duties will include overseeing financial operations, filing purchases and expenditure, mediating between staff and other executives, recruitment, and facilitating training programs. Your expertise in streamlining our business operations will help our organization thrive and maximize efficiency and profits.

Game Engineer (Contract)

Part Time

Work with a variety of different teams (design, art, production, etc.) to create an experience that is fun and engaging for players.You may be tasked with developing new features or content for an existing game. This might include adding new levels, characters, weapons, vehicles, etc. You may also be responsible for maintaining and updating existing systems within a game

Illustrators & Character Artist (Contract)


Creates art while following instructions to support creative production processes. You are responsible for producing sketches or artwork, and drawing sketches from different angles. You may have to create concept art to enable the visualization of characters, environments and backgrounds.

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We are a bunch of long-time friends and veterans in the game industry set out to create a game worthy of calling it a ‘true airship franchise.

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