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Illustrators & Character Artist (Contract)

Job Type


About the Role

Creates art while following instructions to support creative production processes. You are responsible for producing sketches or artwork, and drawing sketches from different angles. You may have to create concept art to enable the visualization of characters, environments and backgrounds.


  • Graphic content tools as needed

  • Google Apps

  • Trello Board

  • Unity


  • Unity Asset Store

  • Texture/Material/Shader libraries as needed


  • Produce high quality 2D assets and textures;

  • Performing graphical work assigned by producers, delegate work to your team members;

  • Help superiors to evaluate team members’ performance;

  • Master all the necessary tools;

  • Actively detect and solve problems encountered in your projects;

  • To help supervisors with training workshop and seminars and to share; knowledge and experiences;

  • Problem solving, propose ideas on how we could improve work efficiency.


  • Academic background in Arts or equivalent;

  • Advance level in Photoshop;

  • Ability to interpret proposition and can modify the design to suit the given context;

  • Great understanding about human anatomy, proportion and perspective;

  • Great understanding of composition, color, shading, lighting, post-processing;

  • Understanding about graphic design;

  • Game art experience: Motivated and passionate about game art, good understanding of game art;

  • Advance level in 2D Art: hand-drawing, digital painting, design and illustration;

  • Good English oral communication skill: able to read English emails and reply;

  • Team work: Cooperate with team members and actively provide support;

  • Passion for playing video games across multiple platforms;

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