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Game Engineer (Contract)

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

Work with a variety of different teams (design, art, production, etc.) to create an experience that is fun and engaging for players.You may be tasked with developing new features or content for an existing game. This might include adding new levels, characters, weapons, vehicles, etc. You may also be responsible for maintaining and updating existing systems within a game


  • Google Apps

  • Trello Board

  • Unity


  • Unity Asset Store


  • Liaising with game designers and developers on the requirements and technical difficulties of the game

  • Researching and developing into the game engine options and best tools to apply to it

  • Creating procedures and production documents

  • Working to tight schedules and keeping to budget

  • Assisting animators and programmers in software efficiency

  • Enhancing the gameplay experience for users

  • Conducting testing for gameplay and user experience

  • Collaborating with all departments to smooth over technical issues, problem solve and create solutions during the production pipeline process

  • Responding to the technical needs of all departments

  • Working in teams towards common goals

  • Providing ongoing tech support after the game has been launched, working on upgrades to the game


  • Training in computer science, computer programming or software engineering

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Knowledge of 2D and 3D animation software

  • Ability to code custom software tools

  • Familiar with the game production pipeline process

  • Passion for video games and experience with gaming

  • Interpersonal skills to deal with creative and production teams

  • Team player, ability to work independently

  • Experience in debugging software and integrating platforms

  • Analytical mindset

  • Able to keep on schedule and meet deadlines

  • Good communication skills

  • Expert knowledge of technical and software advancements in the gaming industry

  • Knowledge of gaming genres and trends

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