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3D Environment Artist (Contract)

Job Type


About the Role

As an Environment Artist you will be responsible for modeling and texturing stylized 3D environment assets as well as helping to set, decorate and build out exciting locations. If you want to bring the new world of an upcoming game to life, apply and become a part of the challenge!


  • Graphic content tools as needed

  • Animation tools as needed

  • Google Apps

  • Trello Board

  • Unity 

  • Source Control


  • Unity Asset Store

  • Texture/Material/Shader libraries as needed


  • Create high quality, stylized, 3D models for architecture, nature, and props, taking them through the modeling, texturing, and baking pipeline.

  • Set dressing and world building in the engine.

  • Work with the Art Director and leads to ensure artistic unity across the game and help develop the world from prototype to final art.

  • Collaborate with everyone on the team in achieving the overall vision of the game.

  • Optimization.


  • Strong portfolio showing high & low poly modeling, texturing, and shader skills that demonstrate a high level of artistic creativity and technical ability.

  • A high level of proficiency in tools for modeling (3dsMax, Maya, Blender or equivalent) and PBR texturing and materials (Photoshop, Substance Designer/Painter Marvelous Designer, or equivalents).

  • Knowledgeable about current environment art trends, modeling and texturing technologies, tools pipelines, performance trade-offs, and interdepartmental dependencies.

  • Strong problem-solving skills.

  • Ability to prioritize and multitask.

  • Self-planning and organization.

  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

  • Fluent English.

  • Passion for games!

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