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The Corvette #1 : Obsidian Lindwyrm

Greetings Skyfarer!

As a harbourmaster, it’s my responsibility to oversee skyfaring activities, especially around Pirnmill. There have been quite a number of reports lately about groups of pirates cruising Obsidian Lyndwyrm. While it’s small, you should not underestimate it, the Lyndwyrm has put down numerous unfortunate skyfarers with its heavy armament and its considerable maneuvering. Let me introduce you to this budget-friendly and vicious Obsidian Lyndwyrm for your best interest!

The Obsidian Lyndwyrm or Wyrm-class corvette (previously known as the Stone Wyrm-class) is one of the oldest designs originating from the Silver Ring. Its distinct ‘tortoise-like’ architecture offers simple yet compact and effective protection from the elements. It was originally designed for general purposes skyfaring with no prominent features and to be fitted for any situation.

As conflicts between factions and nations continued to rise, so did the demand for more warships. The Himmelhart Clan, a clan of great inventors and one of the Teutonic Confederation founding members, refitted the Stone Wyrm-class corvette into a more combat-focused ‘Obsidian Lindwyrm-class’ corvette. Many changes and improvements were incorporated into its original layout, creating variations and offshoots by sacrificing cargo capacity for more weapon ports and armor bulkheads. Obsidian Lindwyrm has become one of the airships with economical value but very practical, it also feels very safe to be inside one. All these qualities made it popular across the Silver Ringers during the war and thereafter.

With reduced cargo capacity, Obsidian Lyndwyrm has trouble taking on a long journey as its limited cargo space does not lend enough room to store many supplies. And it may issue supplying constant weapons fire due to limited ammo storage. But those disadvantages were compensated with its unique abilities to handle weapon systems bigger than those designed for most Corvettes and excels in blockades and other defensive operations.

Blueprint of Obsidian Lindwyrm and starter loadout

Technical Information of Obsidian Lyndwyrm

Type: Teutonic Confederation's Design Destroyer

Class: Corvette

Size: M

Weight (Average Mass): 114,000 Kg.

Width: 16 m.

Length: 22 m.

Crew Complement: 228

Total Grids: 70

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