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Small ships for everyday folks #3

If you have managed go and pick up Sigrun from the nearby storehouse. You'd find a peculiar individual waiting for you on your way up. And he is captaining an Aetherfalcon Skiff armed with some musket men, trying to come close and have a blast at you and the guys.

Today's story is not about that peculiar individual, even if we would want to cover him eventually. But about the ship he was in, as he made an introduction into our story. The "Aetherfalcon" is a symbol of the Aecerlian coming to terms with how the world has changed. A small, yet complicated ship with replaceable parts, allows for ease of parts replacement while maintaining the core design secret within their domain.

The airframe came out officially very late into the war and while it missed many of the major actions taken place, it became commonly adopted and widespread during the stalemate that came after. While it is true that the Aecerlian Crown has begun the mass decommissioning of vessels, they keep on manufacturing more of the Aetherfalcon and ship them along with their freshly trained offers and crews to join expeditionary forces all over Europa. Aside from the success in modernizing the fleet, the Royal Commission has also tried something they have never done before. They designed a companion framework that looks almost identical but stripped off combat effectiveness then manufacture and sell them to private owners all over the Blue Belt with great commercial success.

Due to the romanticization of war, glory, and the service to the Eagle, the Aetherfalcon has become the Aecerlian new generation youth's icon of military expedition spirit. Young and upstart Aecerlian nobles and military families would join the navy to be trained and shipped off to see some "light actions" in the foreign land then return home for a desk job a decade or so.

Given that they survive through those years of service.

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