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Small ships for everyday folks #2

The recent playtest release last week's Thursday saw an introduction of the "Snow Basilisk" (The name may change later down the milestones). So as the Pony, the Basilisk is the result of centuries of iterations.

Gameplay-wise, the Basilisk is the smallest vessel available in Airship: Academy and is classified as a Gunboat. Among the smallest ship class, the Basilisk could potentially pack the most punch. To most grey belters, the Basilisk, and similar ships are not just ships, they are so much more.

Grey belter families often make their home inside one of these ships, children would grow up in its cramped, crowded, lower deck and join the crew as soon as they become a toddler. Closely related families that can't afford larger ships often live and make their living looting wreckages, hunting wild creatures, hauling, and doing whatever they can to make ends meet with the Basilisk and some similar ships as their instruments.

At the beginning of the Great War, many of these "Family Ships" signed up to tag along with larger warships on expeditions to other belts. It is at this point, that the grey belters started learning that the climate of the Green Belt means that they no longer have to huddle around the ship's furnace at night. And getting fed is just the matter of stopping a merchant for a small share of their cargo in exchange for not tearing a hole into their ships. So, it is natural that after the war, only a few of them make their way back to the Grey Belt.

However, life in the Grey Belt goes on as it was with Thousands of the Basilisk and families still roaming the icy wastes, clinging to their traditions of looting and pillaging settlements of fellow grey belters.

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