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Revolution Industry is Recruiting!

Revolution Industry is a game studio full of veteran game developers. We are creating and expanding a franchise that grows with its audience over more than a decade onward. If you would want to be a part of history in the making and a team that aims to stick together for a long time, this is your chance!

We are 100% work from home with an office being there, in case you wanted to socialize. Work hour is Mon-Fri, flexible hours, just make sure to join the morning meeting at 9:10. We are on Senanikhom 1 Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok.

We are looking for:

✪ Junior-Senior Game Engineers (Full-time)

✪ Senior Artists/Art Directors (Full-time)

✪ Game/Content Designers (Full-time)

✪ Technical/Effect Artists (Full-time)

✪ Social Media/Community Specialist (Full-time)

✪ Game Writer - English ​(Full-time)

✪ Illustrators and Character Artists (Contract)

✪ 3D Environment Artists (Contract)

Junior-Senior Game Engineers (Full-time)


✪ Develop game mechanics and system processes.

✪ Implement and optimize functionality in existing game engines.

✪ Works with Unity3D and Plug-ins.

✪ Follow the working process and contribute creatively.

✪ Being self-driven and assertive in the work from home environment.

Education and Experiences:

✪ Bachelor's degree in a computer game, programming, computer science, or related fields.

✪ 2-6 years experience in Unity3D projects.

✪ Experience in 3D Graphic APIs (DirectX, OpenGL, OpenGL ES).

✪ Able to read English Documentation comprehensively.

✪ Experience simulation gamer is a plus.

✪ Fluency or understanding of C#

✪ Experience in database systems is a plus.

Senior Artists/Art Directors (Full-time)

Responsibilities ✪ Define and evolve artistic direction, vision, and high production standards. ✪ Collaborate on the creation of style guides and related materials for internal and outsourcing uses. ✪ Create artworks that serve as a design guideline for other artists. ✪ Realism stylization is preferred ✪ Provide and receive constructive feedback and critique. ✪ Being self-driven and assertive in the work from home environment.

Education and Experiences ✪ Bachelor's degree in visual development, video game development, graphic design, or equivalent. ✪ Good knowledge of human anatomy, sketching, drawing, painting, color theory, perspective, and composition. ✪ Good knowledge of architecture and natural landscapes ✪ Good skills in the use of Painting tool: Photoshop, Zai, or equivalent. ✪ Familiarity with game development cycle ✪ Be a team player and receive constructive feedback on multiple projects.

Game/Content Designer (Full-time)

Responsibilities ✪ Understand the high-level vision of the game and be able to translate the vision into each individual game content, such as items and enemies. ✪ As the project progresses, integrate the elements produced in the game ✪ Correct the content design bugs. ✪ Continue to iterate on content throughout the project phases from concept to final. ✪ Work in collaboration with the game designer, game developer, and artist to ensure that the playability of the game and the graphic elements support each other. ✪ Being self-driven and assertive in the work from home environment.

Education and Experiences ✪ Bachelor's degree in video game development or equivalent training. ✪ Ability to conceptualize game content and mechanics that will be satisfying to the player. ✪ Strong knowledge of Game Design systems and content elements and how they correlate. ✪ Solid knowledge of the game production pipeline. ✪ Solid knowledge of Google applications, Photoshop, Unity3D, and data related software ✪ Excellent level in Written/Spoken English.

Technical/Effect Artists (Full-time)

Responsibilities ✪ Develop rendering technology and solutions for games ✪ Material creation for 3D games ✪ Rendering performance optimization on game assets ✪ Work with programmers on developing new features ✪ Assist with cinematics by staging characters, adding camera animation, and lighting and rendering final-quality scenes. ✪ Facilitate communication and asset pipeline between engineering and artist teams, solving creative problems. ✪ Being self-driven and assertive in the work from home environment.

Education and Experiences ✪ Bachelor's degree in visual communication art, design, or a related field. ✪ Key skills in Unity 3D, C#, real-time VFX, and artistic skills. ✪ Experience in creating real-time visual effects sequences. ✪ Knowledge of optimizing real-time 3D graphics. ✪ Passionate to build 3D tools, toolkits, and documentation/guidance. ✪ Extensive knowledge of 3D creation packages (Maya/Max/Modo/Houdini/etc), and the ability to extend the capabilities of these packages via plugin APIs.

Game Writer - English (Full-time)

Responsibilities ✪ Research and write narrative elements to anchor a reality-based narrative. ✪ Write and iterate ongoing dialogue for characters, enemies, objectives, and missions that are tied to the larger story goals creating immersive narrative game experiences. ✪ Create a mission structure that identifies narrative beats and plot lines to support the story with the game designer and level designer. ✪ Character development ✪ Maintain dialogue asset pipeline and assist in the management of scripts. Implement narrative content using proprietary game development tools.

Education and Experiences ✪ Bachelor’s degree in screenwriting, creative writing, or equivalent. ✪ Experience with a non-linear narrative structure. ✪ Excellent command of written and spoken English ✪ Good understanding of standard screenwriting format. ✪ Ability to realize characters through concise, evocative dialogue. ✪ Knowledge of world mythology and European sociocultural history. ✪ Plays and knows modern video games. ✪ Solid knowledge of Google Applications ✪ Typing speed of at least 60wpm in English.

Social Media/Community Specialist (Full-time)

Responsibilities ✪ Manage audience communication plans and channels, striving for continuous improvement ✪ Design and manage community development projects ✪ Build relationships with community partners such as fan sites, influencers, and volunteers ✪ Provide meaningful feedback to game teams on the community’s sentiment, concerns, and suggestions ✪ Talent and influencer identification and development ✪ Act as a public-facing representative on behalf of the brand across Revolution Industry multiple channels and at events

Requirements ✪ Make daily/weekly social and community posts and organize events

Education and Experiences ✪ Bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, or related field or equivalent work experience ✪ Thorough knowledge of the social media trends, publishing tools ✪ Gaming and cryptocurrency knowledge ✪ Familiarity with project management and process improvement

You are not one of the above? Don't worry, just send an e-mail with an introductory letter and your portfolio.


More about us (office location and etc.):

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