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PVP Open Test!

Airship: Kingdoms Adrift - PVP Open Test

This November is the season for the PVP mode!

We have prepared tons of activities for our fellow Skyfarer to achieve throughout this month. As usual, we always come with a special event and DLC awards for any participant who can complete the task. Check out all events and schedules below!

1. Dev vs Player match!

On 9th - 11th November 2022. It’s going to be an epic PVP match between developers and players! We will livestream and broadcast each match on our Steam page and in Discord.

Check out #dev-vs-player-schedule channel in Discord to see the schedule and information about each match.

2. PVP Open Beta Test

The demo is back and this time it comes with PVP mode! We will release the demo with PVP mode available for everyone to download and play from our Steam page:

The Demo will be available to download on 17th November 2022.

PVP mode will be limited to play only this November and there may be further changes without notice.

3. Exclusive airship skin of all nations giveaway!

Play the PVP mode in a demo and complete the challenge on Discord to win FREE exclusive DLC of AK - Imperial Hawk, NVR - Twilight Mare, and TC - Magma Lindwyrm.

For more details about the giveaway event, please stay tuned!

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