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Patch 0.7.2 - 1st March 2022 is released!

Chapter 1 Patch 0.7.2 - 1st March 2022 is released!

Branch: Playtest-Default

What's new?

Chapter 1 Contents

- 3 new populated areas to explore: Port Blueglade, Port Crossington and Everspring island

- Continue your journey on the brand new main story quests

- 20+ new high-level random encounters

Main story quest

- Investigate pirate activities along the Blueglade and Crossington trade route

- Rush to the Layton's Dream Crashsite and search for survivors

- Meet new NPC: The Young Agent, Minerva Marleigh

- Meet new NPC: The Spy Master, Oliver Harrows (Everspring town)

Ship store

- All the airships will be available to purchase at the Silberblum HQ ship store

(Complete the Pirnmill questline to unlock)

New ship and encounter types

- High mobility NVR Corvette "River Mare"

- Harvestable encounter: Floatsams, shipwreck and even floating forest or mine

with gatherable resources

- Spectacle encounter: Special locations and events to explore

Visual improvements

- New and exciting Airship's travel and combat visual effects

UI/UX improvements

- Improved Hangar UI

- Updated merchant UI and new airship tooltip for ship store

- Specialized facility icons

- Display correct information on encounter pop-up

- Now all available ships in the same port can be select and modify in the Shipyard


- Increase cannons' and light weapons' damage

- Increase Large and explosive rounds' velocity

- Rebalanced early game enemy fleets

- Add onselfmoralelow+onselfsupplylow battle situation

- Refresh facilities after Quest reported

- Make location icons on minimap updates as players receive items

- Supply part information now working properly

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