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Minerva Marleigh: A mysterious mana wielder

Dearest Skyfarer!

You must have heard about a tragic incident with Layton’s Dream, a gigantic party yacht that crashed not so far away from Crossington Town. The yacht was torn in half and then crashed into an inhabited island. What a mystery! Poor souls, I have heard from a report that there’s only one survivor from the incident and that person is Minerva Marleigh. She must be some kind of a party girl to be boarding that kind of party ship, you know… Anyway, it was a very bad thing to happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime…anyway. Please be careful out there!

What do we know about Minerva Marleigh so far? My trusted sources said Minerva Marleigh is a Chief Inspector of Segson Standard, a wealthy insurance company based in Everspring. Marleigh family is among the low-ranking noble family that still keeps thriving, I supposed? However, what makes me curious about her the most is her ability to wield Mana. What’s going on in this insurance company!? My sources even reported that she once threaten to vaporize Jeanie too. So, she must know her way around Mana pretty well! That is something very special about her.

(Minerva using Tactical Barrier to protect the ship)

Jeanie also said Minerva weaves mana very impressively. She can make a Tactical Barrier where she weaves mana into a forcefield to protect the ship from any incoming fire. This mana shield is very useful in battle with pirates or other kinds of scary people. This works just like a Mana Shield which is a popular white science machine among Aecerlian ships. You can install a Mana Shield anywhere! Isn’t that wonderful? Now I really wish we have one of those to offer at our headquarter, but those Aecerlian bums refuse to give Ms. Agatha a wholesale price. I am confident you’ll be able to find some on your own!

Good wind and great fortune, Skyfarer!

Kara Wilkur

PS. Don’t forget to visit me in Silberblum Storehouse too!

PS2. Also snack! ;)

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