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Merchants and Warehouses are now on Playtest!

Happy New Year!

The first patch of the year 0.7.0 is here!

What's new?

- The game economy is now geared towards trading to earn money and ship parts rather than farming enemy ships for equipment

- You would now be able to find traders in Pirnmill and at the Silberblum Headquarters after completing the Prolog.

- You can now transfer your cargo and store them in warehouses at various locations

- Enemies now drop trade items more often than they drop new ship parts

- You can now revert and clear ship parts from ships while using the shipyard

- You can now place ship parts on ships directly from the warehouse

- You can now transfer items between ships using the warehouse

- New zones become graphically available (but nothing to do yet)

New airframes and Updated enemy fleets

- New Teutonic Airframe

- New Viridian Airframe

UI/UX improvements

- Partial reskin of the travel screen UI

- Updated the target selection buttons in battle

- Add a functional description to some items

- Improve targeting UI

- You can now set the ship's firing chain inside the shipyard


- UI interactions should respond faster

- Beams and lances should intercept better

- Redecorate ports with ships and additional props

- Increased officers EXP gain from battle

- Reduced crew damage from muskets

- Reduced overall cannon range

Tune into our community for more:

Register to the playtesting branch, update once every 2 weeks:

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