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Dev vs Player match is coming!

To welcome the PVP open test session that is about to come very soon. We will have an epic PVP match between developers and players on 9th - 11th November 2022!

We will livestream and broadcast each match on our Steam page and in Discord. Check out #Dev vs Player match schedule in the forum to see the schedule and more information about each match.

Moreover, everyone who participated in this exclusive PVP test session will be granted the role @I beat the dev which comes with super special perks which are: - Steam Key of the Playtest build which you can keep forever until the game launch!

- Access to the Playtest with continuous updates (now you can play up to Chapter 2). - Access to exclusive channels that will be available for @I beat the dev role only to get more involved with the development process.

Steam Key for the access to and @I beat the dev role will be granted on November 7, 2022.

If you have requested a match before the sign-up was closed, please check #Dev vs Player match schedule to make sure that you are on the list, and please confirm it to let us know that you are available to join.

For more news about the open PVP test session, please stay tuned!

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