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Updated: May 7, 2021

Airship Screenshot Saturday #02

There is a lot of reading in Airship Academy. The story takes place in a time that you can't just search Youtube for a free audiobook and listen to it while you are gaming. I do that all the time now, it makes me felt less guilty from spending my time gaming instead of making our game.

A Life of a Skyfarer is one of many books in Airship Academy that helps bring the world to life.
A Life of a Skyfarer is one of many books in Airship Academy that helps bring the world to life.

Right in the middle of the screen is our commander's treasury, these are things we can keep without occupying cargo space and come with us as we change to new ships. We are hovering our mouse cursor over a book or a "Literature" called "A Life of a Skyfarer". This is one of many books that you can collect from various places in the Sagson Archipelago.

Every single item in Airship Academy has description writing that binds it to the world and contributes to world-building in some ways. This piece of literature, for example, is the first book in a long ongoing series by Kimberly Skye, a renowned continental traveler who write a review about places she visits.

To the left is our ship's status, it is quite observable that we have taken damage from a fight with one part of the ship being marked by a red "X". Ship's customization is a very meticulous aspect in Airship Academy that will be covered other days.

Airship Academy's world spans over a whole planet of Spheara, the first release will feature the Sagson Archipelago under the rule of the Suthseg Kingdom. For what reason? Just keep following our #screenshotsaturday to find out eventually.

So? What do you think? Is reading still a thing now a day? Do people still collect literature and still really spending time reading them?

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