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Journey into the world of Airships starts today!

If you have once played the classics like Star Control, Freelancer, Sid Meier's Pirates! or even Skies of Arcadia, you'd love to hear this. We are bringing all the good things from those games back in one package and to top that off, we are take it to the fantasy sky. You can experience it all in Airship Academy and you can join the community now to help bring it to life! Just follow the link here:

So, you're not convinced? We have steel ships, sailing ships, magic ships, magic missiles, chemical missiles, torpedoes, magic torpedoes, magic explosive torpedoes, floating islands, floating islands covered in trees, floating islands covered in snow and cities. And we also have a GLASS GIRL IN UNIFORM! Not interested? How about a BEARED MATURE FATHER FIGURE WITH A WARM SMILE!

There's no room for hesitation people! Join us in the community now:

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