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Welcome tester from G.Round and the start of Open PVP Test!

The PVP open test is officially started!

It’s time for you to explore the vast sky of Europa again! Airship: Kingdoms Adrift Demo is now available for download on our Steam store:

In this demo you can play the main story mode only the prologue, but you can always explore the whole map and have the endless skyfaring adventure as a sandbox mode. We have improved many features and also lots of bugs fixed in this version. And most importantly, it’s the PVP mode!

PVP mode in the demo will be available exclusively for this month only!

After that, you still can enjoy the demo but the PVP mode will be removed from the demo.

DLC Giveaway Challenge is coming, please stay tuned for further announcements too!


We are happy to welcome the community and testers from G.Round!

We’ve got such a great opportunity to do a collaboration with G.Round. So we are very happy to welcome the fantastic community from G.Round to enjoy Airship: Kingdoms Adrift!

G.Round will also host our game today! Check more information from the event below.

Enjoy exploring once again! Skyfarer!

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