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The Winter Tale Event

Gather round skyfarers! Now it’s the time for… The Winter Tale Event

A riddle quiz game hosted by Gerunn the Norn

Gerunn has prepared some riddles for you to enjoy and learn more about the history and trivial facts of Europa. This is a chance for you to test your knowledge and have some fun solving some riddles!

How to play:

- Join our official Discord:

- Gerunn will post a riddle poem for you to guess in #lore channel.

- Once the riddle is dropped, you can post your answer right away in #lore channel.

- You will have 3 chances to answer in each round. Answer beyond the 3rd one will not be counted.

- There is a total of 6 riddles that will be dropped daily about 1 - 2 riddles a day, it’s depending on Gerunn.

- If none can give the correct answer, the closest answer will get the point.


- The role 'Skald Club' for everyone who participated in this event

- 3 persons with the most score can choose the rewards between:

1. Complete set of exclusive starter airship skin DLC


2. Become part of our playtest

Keep an eye out for Gerunn in the #lore channel!

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