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The last day of the Alpha test is coming

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Greetings Skyfarer!

Today we bring tons of exciting news to share with all of you! The beta test is on its way! Moreover, we are grateful for all our Alpha testers and we’ve prepared some special treats for you.

📌 The last day of Alpha test is 29th June 2022

We are closing our Alpha test on 29th June 2022, 6 PM GMT+7. You will have about a week to enjoy this alpha test before this party must come to an end. Be ready for a surprise event too!

🎖️ Exclusive Alpha role on Discord

Are you part of our Discord community yet? Join and reserve your Alpha role! The Alpha Skyfarer role will allow you continued access to 'devlog' channel, a place where you get to see the updates and work in progress from our devs team in real-time after we officially closed the alpha testing period. You can get your Alpha role from the 'alpha-role' channel to show off that you've supported us since our early days. 'alpha-role' channel will be open for a limited time, and will be hidden once the alpha test has ended. Do not miss your chance!

🎁 Giveaway!

We have prepared some special gifts for all our beloved Skyfarers! Receive updates by joining us on Discord, and following us on our social media. But you need to be on the watch out as rewards will be available for participating in activities! Stay tuned!

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