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The Commnity Alpha has begun!

Hi Folk!

After tunneling down for 2 months straight, we're happy to announce that the newly improved graphic is ready. This means the Community Alpha has started for those who registered and joined us on Discord.

We're going to let in more players once we have taken enough feedback from the community and finished with necessary fixed.

Test availability (ICT):

12th August 2021 - 12th September 2021

What's available in this version?

- Embark onto an adventure as an Aecerlian Commander

- Unravel the mystery behind piracy around the Pirnmill and Sunvale area

- 5 ships of various origins (You start with 1 ship in the full game)

- 100+ parts to customize ships, get them by looting and robbing from NPCs

- 20+ unique encounters with different enemies and fighting styles

- 3 officers that aid you in battle and you can level them up for better skills

- Beautiful skyscape around the Sunvale Island to cruise around and explore

- The Silbeblum Headquarters port which is where everything started

- The Pirnmill Town

What're the differences between this version and the full game?

- Fleet system allowing you to command multiple ships and fight against multiple foes

- More national and career background choices

- Tutorials that make it easier to learn about the game

- More content overall and the map that spans the whole Suthseg Kingdom

- Ship parts are available from merchants and manufacturing only

- Defeating enemies give you things from their cargo instead of giving ship parts like it is now

- Trading with merchants are not available yet

- Building your own factories and harvesting resources are not available yet

- We will continue to improve UI and UX design over time as well

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