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Steam Next Fest is starting right now!

The demo of Airship: Kingdoms Adrift is now available for everyone to enjoy and download through our Steam page:

Demo will be available for download and play until the end of Next Fest, which is 10th October 2022, 10AM Pacific time

And for this occasion, we have a special event and giveaway too!

⛵ The Twilight Explorer Event ⛵ 🎁 Award: Exclusive DLC “Twilight Mare”

Play Airship: Kingdoms Adrift demo and unlock the specific achievement to receive an alternate model for the New Viridian Republic starting ship, the “Twilight Mare”.

How to join the event and win this DLC? 1. Wishlist ‘Airship: Kingdoms Adrift’ on Steam 2. Download the demo on the Steam store page

3. Play the demo. Hint: Go out of your way and use only the content available within the prologue to find and destroy a very powerful enemy. 4. Join our Discord community -

5. Take a screenshot of Airship: Kingdoms Adrift demo Steam Achievement page and post it to #screenshot channel on Discord as proof.

6. Get the screenshot verified by the community staff.

7. Done!

The deadline for screenshot submission is: Thursday, 13th October 2022, 20:00 PM Pacific time / 10:00 AM GMT+7

More info for the verified player to confirm and receive the DLC will be announced later.

Have fun exploring Suthseg!

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