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Official AMA with Jay

Attention all Skyfarers!

Join us for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event with the one and only Jay, the creator and director of Airship: Kingdoms Adrift, on December 10th, 2022 at 6:30 PM CET. This is your opportunity to ask Jay anything and get exclusive insights into the development of Airship: Kingdoms Adrift.

The AMA will be held on the voice channel of our official Discord server and will be livestreamed to our official Youtube channel. You can join our Discord server to post your questions for Jay in the #ama channel so that he can prepare his answers beforehand. So, mark your calendar and don’t forget to join the AMA to ask your questions and get answers directly from Jay in real-time.

We look forward to seeing you there and answering all of your burning questions about Airship: Kingdoms Adrift!

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