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Screenshot Saturday #05

Today we explore more into what goes on during the battle in Airship Academy. Whenever there is an encounter as you travel the sky, you would be given options to fight, flee, and various other things. If you choose to fight, or the opponent chooses to fight, the battle starts.

At the beginning of the battle, Jean would hail the enemy's ships as per naval tradition. Then the actual battle would start. Both sides of the encounter would move into the guns' range and start having a go at each other.

Ships moving into guns' range
Ships moving into guns' range

Both sides would then continuously exchanging fire and parts of the ship would start getting destroyed. Once essential parts of the ship are gone, it is often time to close in and finish off the fight.

Ships closing in to finish the fight

If things didn't go so well, your ship would get sunk and you will be sent to wait for an insurance claim at your home port. Ships can get sunk when they lost abilities to fly or enough of the essential parts were destroyed.

Things sometime end badly for you
Things sometime end badly for you

It is better if you are the one on the winning side though, as you get to see our opponent's ship diving headfirst down the depth of the sky. In that case, some of the cargo and the crew of the ship would escape on the mana balloons, waiting for you or some other passer-by to pick them up.

Crews hopping off into escape balloons
Crews hopping off into escape balloons

There is more to battles and tactics when it comes to defeating the enemies. What would you like to explore next?

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