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Dos Kelbl (The Little Calf)

Airship Academy Main Theme

It has been a while since we showed off our story/gameplay teaser. And you might have noticed that its background music seems somewhat familiar. That's because it is something from almost 100 years ago. The song is called "Dana Dana" also known as "Dos Kelbl', written in 1941 for a theatrical play "Esterke". Esterke is a theatrical performance about a Jewish concubine who influenced a Polish King to do great things during his reign.

But what does the song has to do with Airship Academy? A lot, actually, the core of the gameplay, the story, and the world has to do with it. Dos Kelbel is the song about a calf being led by a farmer to the slaughterhouse. It asks the farmer why it was born as a calf, destined to die while the swallow, flying above, roams free in the sky. Why we were all chained by our destiny since birth? More on this topic, upon the release of the game.

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