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BETA Announcement!

Aye Aye Skyfarers! We have a few exciting things to share today!

⚓️ AIRSHIP: ACADEMY is now AIRSHIP: KINGDOMS ADRIFT (Or “Kingdoms Adrift” would do.) As things are taking shape, we've realized how far we’ve come and how far our imagination has really brought us. It is only fitting that our title also truly showcases the progress we have made, with a name that truly does justice to its art, world, era, and the stories it has to tell. We’re so excited to announce that we’re renaming our title to Airship: Kingdoms Adrift.

🎊 BETA registration is OPEN! We have a limited number of keys so hurry up and request your limited Beta key now.

How to get your key and join the playtest: 1. Join the Discord Community - 2. Read the welcome message to understand the rules and regulations. 3. Get to the “🔑︱get-playtest-key” channel 4. Fill up the key request form 5. Done!

Important notes! - You’ll get your keys on 22nd July and you can use them right away - Limited BETA is open from 22nd July to 29th July 2022

🎁 GIVEAWAYS! - Exclusive DLC rewards for everyone taking part in the BETA. - Win FREE copies of Airship: Kingdoms Adrift by participating in our upcoming events! (follow updates on Discord for more information)

We cannot forget our Alpha testers. Thank you to all our Alpha Skyfarers for your continued support and feedback. You have been truly amazing.

Good wind and great fortune, dear Skyfarers!

Join our Discord community for more: Hop on our Steam wishlist:

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