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Modding : Language and Translation

File Preparation:

1. Get localization source files "statictext.csv" and "dynamictext.csv" (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Airship Kingdoms Adrift\Airship_Data\StreamingAssets\Source)

2. Utilize software such as LibreOffice or Google Spreadsheet to easily edit the .csv files

2.1 LibreOffice, employ this recommended import settings to ensure correct conversion


2.2 Google Spreadsheet, create a blank spreadsheet, then click File --> Import

3. Insert a new column named "Translation" and remove all other columns, except "Key."

This format is crucial for the game to read from your mod files, applicable to both statictext.csv and dynamictext.csv


You may opt to retain the "English" column for reference during translation

4. Save the file in .csv format, ensuring to include only the "Key" and "Translation" columns for the game. If any additional reference columns exist, delete them to minimize file size

4.1 LibreOffice, click the "Use Text CSV Format" button when prompted

4.2 Google Spreadsheet, click File --> Download --> Comma Separated Values (.csv)

5. It is required to name your workshop item. To do so, create an "info.txt" file containing the name of your workshop item package within the same folder, you can follow these steps:​

5.1 Open a text editor such as Notepad on your computer.

5.2 Type the name of your workshop item package on the first line. This text will also appear in the game's content selection dropdown menu.


5.3 Type culture-info on the second line. This will primarily be used for display the Date/Time format. You can refer to this site for the available string. (if left blank, game will fallback to use English format)


5.4 Save the file with the name "info.txt".


6. Place all your files in the same folder (folder name does not matter)



  • The folder must contain three files: "staticstext.csv" "dynamictext.csv" and "info.txt"

  • Within the .csv files, ensure the presence of "Key" and "Translation" columns (beware of empty spaces, as the game won't read "Translation " column)

  • An empty cell in the "Translation" column will always fallback to using the original English text

Uploading Your Mod Package to the Steam Workshop:

1. You can use A:KA Workshop Uploader

2. Ensure you are logged into your Steam account before launching the uploader

3. Ensure that LibreOffice is closed if it is accessing the .csv file, as the file may be locked from another access, potentially causing the upload process to fail

4. The majority of the uploader's features are intuitive, but this section focuses on the more intricate aspects

4.1 Workshop Item Root Folder

Copy the path of your mod's folder and paste it in this section


4.2 Update Item

To update your mod, choose "Update Item" from the dropdown menu, and input the "ItemID" of your mod


To test your mod, start by subscribing to it on the Steam Workshop, then restart the game and access your mod through Settings --> Content. It should be available in the dropdown selection menu. If the mod doesn't appear, follow these steps:

Step 1, check for common mistakes

  • Ensure your mod folder contains three files: "staticstext.csv" "dynamictext.csv" and "info.txt"

  • Within the .csv files, ensure the presence of "Key" and "Translation" columns (beware of empty spaces, as the game won't read the "Translation " column)

  • Ensure "info.txt" contains text that represents your mod project (eg. "French by TheCatWorld")

Proceed to the next step if you did not make any mistakes

Step 2, Check these locations looking for a folder with your workshop ItemID (eg. 3173516286)

  • Steamapps workshop folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\1597310\<ItemID>)
    Upon subscribing to a workshop item, it should be downloaded here. If your mod isn't downloading as expected, check if Steam is currently engaged in other downloads or patches, potentially delaying the workshop task. You may want to verify and manage the download queue in Steam. If issues persist, consider restarting Steam or attempting to re-subscribe to the workshop item to prompt the download.

  • Game workshop folder
    (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Airship Kingdoms Adrift\Airship_Data\StreamingAssets\Workshop\Localization\<ItemID>)
    When launching "Airship: Kingdoms Adrift" with Steam login, the game initiates a crosscheck with the Steam server to verify subscribed workshops and their last-update timestamps. Based on this information, the game decides whether to Add/Update (copying from the steamapps workshop folder to the game workshop folder) or Remove (deleting from the game workshop folder). If your mod folder is present in the specified directories but still does not appear in the game, it is advisable to contact the developer for additional assistance in resolving the issue

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