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Hello and welcome! Thank you very much for showing interest in modding everyone's favorite adventure in Europa. Before starting, you might want to check Valve’s Mod Content Usage Policy and Valve’s Steam Subscriber Agreement. You can also find more modding-related support in the Kingdoms Adrift Discord Community.

Uploading Your Mod Package to the Steam Workshop:

1. You can use A:KA Workshop Uploader

2. Ensure you are logged into your Steam account before launching the uploader

3. Ensure that LibreOffice is closed if it is accessing the .csv file, as the file may be locked from another access, potentially causing the upload process to fail

4. The majority of the uploader's features are intuitive, but this section focuses on the more intricate aspects

4.1 Workshop Item Root Folder

Copy the path of your workshop item's folder and paste it into this section


4.2 Update Item

To update your workshop item, choose "Update Item" from the dropdown menu, and input the "ItemID" of your workshop item


how to mod Kingdoms adrift

The team at Revolution Industry would gradually add more modding aspects to Kingdoms Adrift as its fanbase continues to grow to reflect the community's demand. Below are aspects available for modding and a list of potential future additions:

Game Balance

For now, you can edit game balance data through many .json files available within the game's folder. However, these files are not yet capable of being packaged as workshop items.

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