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Patch Release 0.8.0 - Official BETA!

Welcome to version 0.8.00 Official BETA!

What's new?

Title change to Airship: Kingdoms Adrift

BETA Content

- Finish the Pirnmill trial quest to unlock Silberblum's supply store

- 29 Settlements with unique quests, enemies, and economy.

- 100+ more NPCs

- A lot more items and trade items with their sprites

- All ships up to Light Frigate are now available for purchase, go find them

- Enemies ships up to the size of battlecruisers

- Continue your journey on the brand new main story quests

- 100+ new high-level random encounters

- Special quests for high-power items blueprint

- Lots of pirates and outlaws to hunt

- Lots of innocents to plunder

- Lots of law enforcers to come after you if you feel like it

- More officers are out there to recruit

- Added mana and gunpowder based short ranged weapons

- Added Rotary Cannon

- Rodrigo now has his questline, now, where is he supposed to be?

- Add Nathaniel's recruitment quest

- Minerva can now perform a miracle

- Lots of Voice Over

New Features

- A game start with cutscene to help set the expectation

- New character creation sequence

- Floating islands and harvestable wrecks

- Keymapping option screen

- Build your own warehouses wherever you go

- Expand your hangar to keep more ships around

- Losing a ship really means losing a ship and everything in it

- If you don't have a ship left, you will receive your starting ship

- The world now has boundaries

- Quests now offer actual money rewards

- Time acceleration in battle by holding tab button

- Pause anywhere by pressing the spacebar

- Go and visit community merchants on settlements to get supplies

- A text will show up to tell you how to move around and fire if you seem to be staying still

Travel Encounters Revamp

- Flying, fighting, and running away experience is now a lot more exciting

- You can now see loot lists from encounters before engaging

- You can now observe the aggro range and speed of enemies

- Enemies pursue you for a certain distance before giving up

- Travel menu now displays a lot more info and interaction options


- Grammatical improvement, thanks to @coyote#0325

- Major improvements in readability

- Add descriptions for settlements and districts

- Shipyards are only available at some settlements now

- How to play is now less intrusive and more categorized

- General lighting improvements

- Particles and effects revamping

- More robust weapon locking

- 9 Unique port graphics are being recycled on all settlements, more will come

- More robust inventory management

- Camera shake upon taking damage

- You can now see 3D graphics when you change your ship's color

- Rebalance the supply consumption (UX needs improvement)

- Firing arcs are now cool and great

- You can now revert and save edited ships mid progress

- Settlement menus are much cooler now

- Add hotkeys to menus and ESC to close most menus

- Game should be saved in a consistent and understandable manner now

- The shipyard has a lot of improvements, we're too overwhelmed so please find out by yourself

- We fixed too many bugs than we should have...

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