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Patch 0.7.4 - The Final Release of Alpha Test!

This is the final Alpha release before we move on to BETA testing!

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What's new?

⛵️ Features:

  • Meet Kara Wilkur at Silberblum's Storehouse Grocer

  • Key mapping in the main menu setting screen is now allowed

  • Updated shop with new shop UI, you can now see how cheap/expensive offers are

  • Traversable edges are now enforced, Jean will turn the ship around if you go too far towards the edge

  • Minerva now has her signature active skill

  • Keep track of your wealth, added UI at the top-left of the screen

  • New narrative GUI doesn't only look better but allows you to skip the conversation

  • Receive money as rewards from quests

  • In-game clock now dials faster than in real life as it should be, a day now takes 20 minutes to cycle

  • All encounters now have proper descriptions

  • Added more harvestable encounters such as stray islands and shipwrecks

  • More ports are now enabled for resupplying, their visuals will follow in future updates

  • Shift + Click now makes activates bulk transactions on items

🔨 Improvements:

  • Ship supplies run out faster and voyage planning becomes more challenging

  • Improved some AK ship models

  • Improved particles and effects

  • New buttons layout should make you feel at home as a vehicle simulation game

  • Newly designed warehouse and inventory management view and UI

⚖️ Balancing:

  • Improved Pirnmill's quest sequence

  • Changed ships' prices

  • Changed player's starting ship loadout

  • Get rid of gun clearance restrictions on some grid types and make them work the same on all types

  • Your rival's ship is now bigger the next time they come around

🔧 Bug Fixes:

  • Encounters are now stabilized, there should be no more freezing or other bugs taking place on new encounters, and on landing/taking off

  • Quest descriptions are no longer out of context

  • Quest submission now saves properly regardless of interruptions

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