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Technical Effect Artist

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Design and implement technical implication of assets for game projects from the ground up. Educating team members to follow best practices demanded for games to look and sound beautiful while being optimised. You will be dealing with team members on internal projects, external projects, and educating other team members with things you have discovered and mastered over time.


  • Graphic content tools as needed

  • Animation tools as needed

  • Audio tools as needed

  • Google Apps

  • Trello Board

  • Unity

  • Source Control


  • Unity Asset Store

  • Texture/Material/Shader libraries as needed

  • Audio libraries as needed


  • Make an analysis of expected audiovisual quality

  • Design techniques required to achieve and optimize audiovisual quality

  • Design and implement visual effects needed to achieve expected experience quality

  • Review, create, update, and introduce best practices for asset handling of games

  • Design asset pipeline for games and control deliverable quality throughout the process

  • Make educative documentation and prepare teaching material on researched technique

  • Evaluate and make cost/benefit decision regarding audiovisual techniques

  • Ensure that the team is informed of workload needed on game content

  • Maintain standards and best practices deployed by the company

  • Provide junior staff with coaching needed to achieve best practices required by the company


  • New graduates are welcome, however, the job is not easy

  • Able to help develop and adhere to audiovisual standard demanded by projects.

  • Have been working on a technical side of game content creation would be ideal

  • Have experience setting up game asset production pipeline in new projects

  • Being able to work in a team and willing to fill into different temporary roles

  • Able to communicate both in terms of logic and aesthetic

  • Highly detail-oriented problem-solving skill with perseverance to develop an expected outcome

  • Passion in game development and willingness to push them beyond the boundary

  • Excellent command of English in writing and conversation

  • Excellent computer literacy

  • Good interpersonal skill

  • Good Google apps knowledge

  • Able to work flexible hours depending on the business situation

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