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Game/Content Designer

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

We are looking for a game designer with a passion for all genres of games, a knack for coding and storytelling, and an understanding of the industry, market and target audiences. Game designers can expect to manage teams of programmers, artists, animators and sound engineers, as well as plan schedules and work with budgets. Their responsibilities also include developing design and gaming protocols, defining game-play mechanics, coordinating with other game designers, ensuring quality, and meeting with company executives.


  • Graphic content tools as needed

  • Animation tools as needed

  • Google Apps

  • Trello Board

  • Unity


  • Unity Asset Store

  • Texture/Material/Shader libraries as needed


  • Create content for the game, such as Quest, Characters, Items, and Challenges.

  • Conceptualizing and developing characters, rules, settings and stories for new games.

  • Pitching new game ideas to executives and clients.

  • Take part in multiple teams and projects.

  • Perform research and referencing related games to build content direction

  • Following industry trends and good practices.

  • Developing design and gaming protocols.

  • Doing quality control.


  • Bachelor's degree in game design, computer science or computer engineering.

  • Enthusiasm and knowledge of the industry.

  • Relevant certification in programming languages.

  • Portfolio of sample projects.

  • Good to Professional Reading and Writing English Skill

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